Wood-burning closed fireplace-insert with Alutec combustion chamber and flap opening, to facilitate cleaning and filling operations. Thanks to its compact size and light weight, this closed fireplace is especially suitable for application in existing fireplaces as well as in new installations. The exceptional combustion of this model is easily adjusted thanks to a unique and extremely straightforward mechanism.
In addition to operating through natural convection, this closed fireplace can be teamed with the Comfort Air system that makes it possible to convey the hot air to several rooms – even unconnected – at a distance of up to 8 metres.

Vivo models are equipped with tilting door, a solution which makes loading wood even easier and safer. With its ergonomic handle, opening the door is very easy.

These models are much more compact and shallower than traditional closed fireplaces. As a result, they can be fitted anywhere. Furthermore, Vivo models are provided with included compensation panel for easier installation. Final appearance is always perfect also because of the Alutec® interiors that make the fireplace even brighter.

The continuous fire and primary and secondary air adjustment with a single control make using Vivo everyday easy in all homes.

Technical Characteristics

Fuel type wood
Nominal heat output 10.80 kW
Nominal performance 85.50%
Optimal wood consumption 2.60 kg/h
Heatable volume 265/35
Diameter of smoke outlet pipe 20 cm
Weight 125 kg


Comfort Air


CE EN 13229 VKF Flamme verte ART. 15a B-VG BAFA blmSchV Regensburger munchener BStB

Overall dimensions


VIVO 70 Technical designs