Wood stove with a contemporary style, handle with silicone rubber grip, metal sides and ceramic top (Black or Soapstone).

This stove is available in the NATURAL versions.

Natural: Heat is transmitted to the environment by natural convection: rising from the stove, the warm air is diffused uniformly and naturally into the environment.

Technical Characteristics

Fuel type wood
Nominal heat output at max 7.90 kW/h
Nominal heat output max 3.90 kW/h
Nominal performance 78.30%
Heatable volume 194/35
Flue pipe section 18×18 cm
Minimum flue pipeheight 4 m
Fire box dimensions 33×32,5xH.40 cm
Weight 175 kg
Suggested draughtsystem 12-0.12 min. Pa-mbar
Smoke temperature 270 ºC
Massive smoke capacity 9 g/s



VKF ART. 15a B-VG Regensburger munchener BStB Flamme verte chauffage bois CE EN 13240

Overall dimensions


Quasar Acciaio Technical designs

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