Wood stove with a contemporary style, handle with silicon rubber grip, metal sides and top (Black and Aluminium).

This stove is available in the NATURAL, AIR, COMFORT AIR versions.

Natural: Heat is transmitted to the environment by natural convection: rising from the stove, the warm air is diffused uniformly and naturally into the environment.

Air: Heat is released by means of forced ventilation, allowing to heat the environment faster and more efficiently (optional kit).

Comfort air: Thanks to a heat accumulation and extended release system, this technology allows you to heat the room naturally for up to 12 hours after the last filling operation.



Kasai Aluminium
Kasai Black
Aluminium Black

Discover all the advantages of wood stoves

OYSTER TECHNOLOGY. The exclusiveoyster technology,standard on all woodstoves, makes the productperfectly airtight:the stove draws allthe air it needs from the outside without burning oxygen in the room. This means that it can be installed in all perfectly insulated houses and in passive homes.

ONE CONTROL LEVER. One control lever makes combustion management simpler (both primary and secondary air) for optimisation at all times.

NO FLU E PIPE IN SIGHT. To guaranteeeven more streamline design solutions without flue pipe in sight, the new MCZ wood stoves are provided with rear fume outlet (excluding Veld, Sava, Yobe, Quasar models).

AIR HUMIDIFIER. A vessel for correct air humidification is available for all models with rear outlet (optional). Fragrances and essences can be added for a pleasant aromatherapy effect.

ALU TEC FIREPLACE. Fireplace entirelymade of Alutec, an exclusivematerial patented by MCZ with a very high alumina content (72%) and remarkable outward heat reflecting power: its light colour makes the flame uniquely bright .

OVERNIGHT HEAT ACCUMULATION SYSTEM. Designed to heat the room for up to 12 hours after the last filling operation (only Stripe, Stub models).


Technical Characteristics

Fuel type wood
Nominal heat output at max 9.00 kW/h
Nominal heat output max 4.50 kW/h
Nominal performance 78.20%
Hourly consumption at min 1.50 kg/h
Hourly consumption at max 2.60 kg/h
Heatable volume 221/35
Diameter of smoke outlet pipe 15 cm
Flue pipe section 18×18 cm
Minimum flue pipeheight 4 m
Fire box dimensions 35x28xH.46 cm
Weight 150 kg
Suggested draughtsystem 12-0.12 min. Pa-mbar
Smoke temperature 320 ºC
Massive smoke capacity 7.9 g/s



CE EN 13229 VKF Flamme verte ART. 15a B-VG blmSchV Regensburger munchener BStB

Overall dimensions


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